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11 months ago, I was homeless and brokeI had lost my child because of COVID-19 it was a low point of my life. I met Jamie months before and then he re-found me.Jamie took me in once he knew what was going on in my life. He then sheltered me and my children, helped meContinue reading

Can you ever be sure

There comes a time were you wonder what your deepest goals of success are , you could belong to a team a group or a click , But do you belong were you are or are you worthy of so much more than your own beliefs? I have come across so many wonderful wonders ofContinue reading “Can you ever be sure”

I Don’t Know

I don’t know from where I have come I don’t know why I was born I don’t know where I would go! I don’t know the purpose of life I don’t even know if life is real Or it is just a dream!! I really don’t know much!!! But I do know that All ofContinue reading “I Don’t Know”

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